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About MIA:

We have a very professional, experienced and competent team in financial investment sector, especially the providing of FOREX knowledge and education in precious metals. MIA partner with the reputation broker through a new technology---mirror trade system, so that to ensure a completely inexperienced client can be easily at ease to taking profit in the most transparent case in 24 hours, 5 days a week.

Broker Management Message:

MIA's broker is Fintechfx (My Group Fintech Co Pty Ltd), with registration number 24375 IBC 2017, and Australia financial services license 493603. Fintechfx is one of the few brokers in Asia-Pacific that possesses both NFA and ASIC licenses.

NFA ID:0509912

Australia:My Group Fintech Co Pty Ltd

(ACN 615855840)


To build MIA platform into the best in a world-class financial platform, and to give more people with a noble and prosperous life.


Enable clients to enjoy the lowest risk with sustainable return on profits, and to improve a better life of quality.

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Objective of MIA

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We ensure the broker that the company engaged was strictly and carefully considered with the supervision of a high credibility of regulatory body, to ensure that the client's capital is in safe.

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Client have their own name under the MT4 account, you can log in to view anytime, and all the trading records are at a glance.

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MIA's have a wide range of competent team in respective position, from the trader to financial lecturers, marketing consultants and customer service. They are experienced to ensure that the clients get the best in services.

MIA Founder

Founder of MIA - Profile

Antonio Ferez, the founder of MIA platform, is a well-known macroeconomics analyst and a foreign exchange trading expert in Southeast Asia. In 2007, he earned his first bucket of gold from the stock market at the age of 25 and managed to multiply his personal wealth by 57 times based on his business acumen and professional handling of capital. Antonio was a foreign exchange dealer in a British financial institution. From 2007, he has been well known for his excellent track record, expertise and efficiency in trading. He was also in long term investment partnership with various corporates. Antonio has a lot of practical experiences and has become the FOREX exchange management advisor/ consultant to many organisations. Antonio present aim/goal is to venture into the Asia market and MIA platform is his starting point. In which, Antonio's clients will be able to earn a substantial amount of profit through the professional and competent group of the dealer in the MIA platform.

Words from Antonio Ferez

- To be alert at all time, protecting your (clients') assets is my responsibility. Even I might have been told by Janet Louise Yellen, the president of Federal Reserve System about the monetary policy strategy for the next 2 years, I would still not change any of my decision now. As I always believe in myself and what I have seen with my own eye.


Feature Financial Security

Financial Security

Investment fund guarantee:

Clients' funds are deposited in the account which is under the supervision of Australian Prudential Regulation Authority to ensure that client funds can only be operated and traded by the respective client for investment trading. Clients' funds will be directly remitted to the broker company's account, where the broker will be also be supervised by a third party company that provides regulatory compliance services. MIA will discuss the collaboration proposal with the brokers based on its own set of standardising rules to ensure the security of clients' funds.

Feature Transaction Proctection

Transaction security

MIA platform adopts the Mirror Trade model where the transaction would be carried out instantly or on immediate basis. Client's trading transaction will be arrived directly at the international market to avoid the interference of dealer on the price, and thus ensure the fairness and transparency of clients' trading.

Feature External Audit

External audit

MIA platform will be audited by the top global accounting firm. The external auditor will audit the financial situation/financial position of MIA platform regularly to ensure clients' funds are well secured and monitored.

Feature Platform and Information Security

Platform and information security

With the help of advanced equipment and technology, the platform and the transaction server are ensured to be in a stable condition. Meanwhile, internet coding/encrypting that is allowed under the international standards are used to maintain a high confidentiality of clients' information and transaction records.

Feature Account Management

Account management

We use the latest Mirror Trade system and strictly selected professional traders to trade on behalf of our clients to profit in various international foreign exchange trading platform. We would also provide clients with the trading records of our traders for reference and audit. As each trader has different style of trading, we will be able to satisfy and meet the needs of markets.

Feature External Audit

Cooperative Partner

Forex Broker Fintechfx (My Group Fintech Co Pty Ltd)

Trader – All MIA qualified traders must agree to all rules, regulations, and terms set by MIA. Besides that, traders have to pass the system auditing and assessment process where attitude and experiences of the trader will be reviewed thoroughly.

Fintech FX

Forex Broker Fintechfx
(My Group Fintech Co Pty Ltd)


Fintechfx is a state of the art trading platform designed to provide access to opportunities beyond the conventional boundaries of the global financial market. Our platform has been structured through refined software engineering and the latest technology to provide the finest financial trading experience for our clients and partners, which covers commodities, indices, foreign exchange, metals, energy and many others. Fintechfx also supports 24 hours continuous trading.

Fund Security Trading Protection

As the world's leading financial platform, Fintechfx has paid great attention to the safety of customers' funds since its establishment, complying with all necessary rules and regulations, taking additional measures, which includes diversification among banks and providing account protection mechanisms. Funds deposited in Fintechfx are deposited in bank accounts of fully supervised banks. These funds are completely separated from the company's funds to ensure that the client's funds cannot be used for any other purpose and cannot be used by any creditors. On the other hand, Fintechfx offers a range of deposit methods to meet the special circumstances of customers.

Fulfilling different investment needs

In order to fulfill the different needs of different customer groups, Fintechfx provides a range of accounts, each account type has its own unique characteristics, to cater to the customer's personal trading strategy. By possessing Fintechfx account, customers can directly trade according to the market price, which is provided by the liquidity provider. Fintechfx uses ECN (Electronic Communications Network) and spread-betting network to ensure unparalleled trading experience.

Fintechfx will always focus on the development of innovative technologies, with the goal of increasing wealth for every investor, providing the best financial trading experience for customers and partners, in order to create a leading and innovative financial platform.

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Investment Clause

We guarantee the confidentiality of all client's personal information during registration. Once there is a breach of personal information confidentiality, a penalty will be paid to the client according to the contract terms.

Clients agree to accept the terms of use of any third-party services provider that provide client with the technical support or provision of information and company will not be held liability for any error resulted by the third party provider that is not within our control.

Clients' responsibilities:

  • Login ID and password information must be kept confidentially
  • Agree to take full responsibility for all acts upon login using ID and password
  • Agree to take full responsibility for all act, including action taken in the financial market transactions

To improve the customer service quality and ensuring that the service is delivered as promised, clients shall accept the call recording policy.

If any of the following conditions occur, clients agree that the company has absolute right to terminate or suspend the client account:

  • Account is used for money laundering and other fraudulent activities
  • Trading account is registered with false information
  • If clients violate the terms and conditions of the agreement in the trading, for inspection purpose (registration information verification, client identification, funds deposit records), our company reserves the right to terminate all trading activities of the account owner.

Foreign Currency (Q&A)

What is foreign currency?

Foreign exchange market is also known as FOREX or FX, is the world largest currency trading market. The daily turnover of the FOREX market exceeds 6 trillion USD and is the world's largest and most exciting market. FOREX transaction is very simple. No matter you are exchanging 100 Euro to USD or banks exchanging 1 Million USD to Yen, all of these transactions are in fact FOREX. The market participants or investor of FOREX are very wide, ranging from financial institution who manages millions of fund to retail investor/individual.

What is spread?

The difference between ASK and BID is called spread. The smaller the differences between the ASK and BID price, the smaller the spread, thus the lower the cost of investment for the investor. In the long term, the amount of the spread would have a bigger effect or impact on short-term investor's overall gain or loss and do not significantly affect or impact the long-term investor.

What is a standard lot size?

A standard lot size traded in the FOREX market is 100,000 units of base currency. 1000 units are 0.01 lot size. The number of contracts in a foreign exchange transaction is the volume of the transaction itself, the amount of money to buy / sell, and the contract unit is the unit of calculation of the foreign exchange volume of the transaction. The number of lot size is also a calculation of trading volume. Foreign exchange, a standard lot size for the 100,000 units (100,000) contract volume, also known as 100K

What is take profit and stop loss?

A take-profit order (T/P) is an order used by currency traders specifying the exact rate or number of pips from the current price point where to close out their current position for a profit. The rate deemed to be the level where the trader wants to take a profit is sometimes referred to as the "take-profit point". One of the trickiest concepts in FOREX trading is the management of stop orders. As the name indicates, a stop-loss(S/L) order is an order that closes out your trading position when your losses on that trade reach a loss amount you set when you initiate the stop loss order.

What is price interest point (PIP)?

Price interest point is the unit to calculate your gain or losses. As most currencies (except for yen currency) are quoted up to fourth decimal places, the fourth decimal places (1/100 cents = 0.0001) is usually what the traders should take note for its "PIP" calculation. Changes in 0.0001 are equivalent to changes of 1 pip. For example, if the euro / dollar rose from 1.4022 to 1.4027, the euro / dollar have risen by 5 pips.

What is leverage / margin money?

As mentioned above, all transactions are executed with borrowed funds. This allows you to use the 200:1 leverage where only an initial margin /deposit $5 is required in order for you to place a trade at $1000 in the market. This means that you can enjoy the advantage of using your account with a higher volume of money but only with almost minimal monetary changes. On the other hand, the lever can greatly increase your loss. Therefore, the use of any level of leveraged foreign exchange transactions may not be suitable for all investors.

What is a foreign exchange broker?

A foreign exchange market will have many foreign exchange brokers if the market is active. Whereby, these brokers were known as the Exchange Trader at the United States. Similar to the role of stock market broker, foreign exchange brokers however only play the role of intermediaries in the foreign exchange market. In order to earn commission, the broker will negotiate the particular currency exchange rate with the buyer on behalf of his client and thus resulting in direct or indirect FOREX transaction with the bank through the arrangement made by the broker.

Who regulates the FOREX market?

In order to facilitate the supervision of the FOREX market, countries that imposed regulations and exercises control towards the FOREX market usually has an administrator body set up for the purpose of scrutinising the market. Some countries authorised the central bank to regulate the foreign exchange market while some countries set up the foreign exchange administrator body to perform its regulatory duties.

What is MetaTrader4 (MT4)?

MT4 is specifically and professionally designed online trading platform for the use by financial institutions to conduct foreign exchange, contracts for difference (CFD) and future market transactions. With full range of services provided for the brokerage firms, up to date, more than 100 foreign exchange brokers companies from over 30 countries have chosen MT4 software as a network trading platform. MT4 is a useful software as it has integrated 3 useful functions consisting of market charts, technical analysis, and trade placing as one.

What is mirror trade?

Mirror trade is the use of an advanced system that documents the transactions of financial investors through the technology of documenting transactions. Once documented, tactical signal provider will deliver a notification of the latest transaction, giving new investor opportunity to transact real-time alongside with the professional or experienced investor. Besides that, mirror trade is also a type of EA, where the services can be provided to any MT4 platform.

What is www.myfxbook.com?

This is a website for foreign exchange performance verification by the third party. Whether you are a professional, experience or new trader, this website will definitely come handy and useful for you. The website is able to show a complete history of your FOREX transaction. Which includes: Account registration date, deposit and withdrawal amount, historical transaction details, trading volume, trading commodity and trading result. You will be able to obtain different data through web chart analysis from the website Such as winning percentage, total gain, monthly profit, number of transaction, gain or profit of the current and last month, this year and last year. This web is well known in aboard where truthfulness and validity of the website is endorsed by fund management company, professional broker and asset management company.

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